March 22, 2019

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Student Spotlight

Hard Work Wednesday goes to...Ava Myrhe!


Hard Work Wednesday goes to…Ava Myrhe!

Ava is a fantastic, optimistic student. She always seeks to master content and is only satisfied when she finishes her work well and correctly. A great example of this happened last week when she came to me outside of class and said “Mr. Williams, I was thinking of my homework last night after I turned it in and realized I did something wrong, would you mind if I took it back and corrected a problem real quick before you grade it?” She did that knowing full well that I give students completion points on homework based on effort. She motivates me to be a better teacher and I’m lucky to have her in my class.

Congrats Ava!  We are proud of you!!  #wearecc #Hardworkwednesday