Life Skills and Transition Program

Left to Right: Kim McBride, Toni Harvey, Chelsea Ramsey, Rose Endicott, Ingrid McKay and Karen Gernert

The Crook County Life Skills/Transition Program’s objective is to be available to those students who want extra support in understanding how to succeed in their future.  It serves students from 9th grade to the end of the school year in which they turn 21 years of age, who have graduated with a modified diploma and has an IEP in place.  The program offers skill building in career planning, transportation, employment practices, as well as appropriate dress and work place etiquette, and independent living.  Each student’s plan is highly individualized to meet their unique needs determined by the IEP team.

Program requirements:

*Desire to gain general knowledge
*Desire to work in the community
*Be willing to access independent transportation options
*Have basic communication skills
*Have appropriate social grooming and hygiene skills

It is the program’s belief that each person is unique and deserves to have our support focused on their specific dreams and goals, as well as, own their mistakes and celebrate their successes.

The Transition Program has had great success in seeking out employers in the local business community.  These employers have been found to be very supportive of our program and offer foundational skills that our students, with disabilities, may need.  They provide a wide variety of employment areas and a chance for students to grow and prove to themselves that they can become viable members of their community.