February 15, 2019

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CCHS Artists Recognized

CCHS Artists Recognized

Crook County High School has four artists who will be recognized at the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards this year. This art competition is open to all high school students in the state of Oregon.

CCHS Art teacher Mrs. Struck is holding Wyatt Sabin’s painting. Wyatt received the Silver Key award. Next to Mrs. Struck is Summer Shaffer. Summer created two sculptures and received Honorable Mention. Third from left is Jenna Porter. Jenna received Honorable Mention for her artwork. Samantha Jenkins, far right, is holding her artwork, made from coffee and tea. Samantha received three awards for her painting: Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention.

These artists’ works will be on display at COCC in the Pinckney Art Gallery from Feb. 9 – March 1. Gold Key artwork will automatically be considered for competition at the national level. That means that one of Samantha’s paintings will be considered for the national show at Carnegie Hall in New York.

CCHS Students Practice Basic Dissection Techniques

CCHS Students Practice Basic Dissection Techniques

The dissecting of dogfish sharks took place in Mrs. Mumm’s science class this week. Crook County High School students practiced basic dissection techniques, conducted a survey of the major systems of the shark, and related their study of the shark to the structure and function of vertebrates. The dogfish shark helps provide some insight into vertebrate evolution and classification.

High School Students Learn about Velocity

High School Students Learn about VelocityCrook County High School students in Mr. Mumm’s science class studied the relationship between different types of energy. The students formed teams and created a ‘roller coaster’ using styrofoam, tape, cardboard, and marbles to learn about velocity. In addition to creating their roller coaster, students had to draw a picture of it and include the height/length. In the end, students had to show calculations used to get their final velocity of the marble.

Mr. Hall and Mr. Williams teach a Geometry in Construction Class. 

MR. Hall's Class

Here are students working on the Balsa model of the storage shed they will be building.

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