Advanced Diploma Program

What is the Advanced Diploma Program?

It is a program in which seniors can apply for a 5th year of High School. However, during this 5th year they will be attending Central Oregon Community College or one of the other community colleges with which we have partnered. In order to be eligible students must first meet graduation requirements. They must be on track to receive a standard, modified or honors diploma. They are allowed to walk with their graduating class, but their diploma will be held until they complete the Advanced Diploma or withdraw.

Think of it as a one year scholarship which pays for full tuition, fees & books for up to 36 credits!


What are the requirements to apply?

    • Must be a senior in good standing and on track to graduate.
    • Must take the COCC placement test offered in the spring.
    • Must file for the FAFSA
      • Please see one of the College Readiness Coordinators in the Future Center if you have extenuating circumstances in which you feel you cannot file a FAFSA.

How Do I Apply For The Advanced Diploma Program?

  • College applications & contracts will be available in the Future Center, or you can pick one up during the Advanced Diploma parent meeting offered in March.
  • You must sign the contract and have a counselors’ signature ensuring you are on course for graduation in June.
  • You must take your college application and your signed contract to the COCC Open Campus building in Prineville.
  • Meet all deadlines and responsibilities of the high school and the college.

How long is the program:

  • 3 terms (Fall, Winter and Spring) at Central Oregon Community College.

Once accepted, what do I have to do to stay in the Advanced Diploma Program?

  • You must attend a new student registration session at Central Oregon Community College during the summer (look for this in your COCC email in June with instructions on how to sign up for a session). If you miss the registration session you will no longer be in the Advanced Diploma program and will receive your regular diploma (No Exceptions).
  • You must attend two workshops (A & B) offered the week before classes begin in September
  • You must take College Success. This is a 2 credit class offered during the fall term at Central Oregon Community College.
  • You must maintain good attendance, pass your classes and maintain a 2.0 GPA.

Will there be any expenses for me once I’m in the program?

Books and tuition are covered for the three terms you are in the program, however:

  • Some classes (like culinary/auto mechanics) can have extra costs for materials that may be your responsibility.
  • Books purchased at the COCC bookstore are to be returned after each term to the Future Center. You will have a $450 credit at the bookstore each term to use for purchase of books.
  • If you fail a class or drop it after the deadline, you will not be allowed to retake that class at the districts expense. See college website or catalog for more information.

Should I apply for scholarships to other Schools?

  • Absolutely! You need to look at all your options and do what makes sense financially for you and your family.
  • However, you cannot accept scholarships for the year you are in the Advanced Diploma as you are still considered a high school student going for your Advanced Diploma.

What does this mean?

  • Some scholarships will hold the money earned for one year, but that is up to you to ask the scholarship committee that awarded you the scholarship.
  • You may have to decline a scholarship for the 2015-2016 school year, but if you earned it once you would most likely earn it again the following year.
  • Can I apply for the high school scholarships while in the Advanced Diploma program for the following year? YES

Do I get to choose my classes? Are there classes I can’t take?

  • Your courses must be part of the Educational Plan made with your advisor/counselor.
  • Fall term you must take College Success 101.
  • Like any other college student, you must meet prerequisites to take certain classes.
  • No online courses are allowed.   exceptions if you have written permission from the high school College Readiness Coordinator’s Kate Soliz or Kyla Salmond.

What are the penalties/what happens if I drop out of the Advanced Diploma Program?

  • You must drop out before you have started the term, or before the deadline to drop classes at COCC, then you will be removed from the program and receive your regular diploma.
  • You can be financially responsible if you drop out in the middle of a term.

When do I get my diploma?

  • Upon completion of your Advanced Diploma (you will receive both your High School Diploma and Advanced Diploma).

Where will my Advanced Diploma be administered from?

  • Your Advanced Diploma will come from Crook County High School.

We will send it to the address you have on file at the high school.

It is your responsibility to make sure the high school has all your correct contact information.