Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements


*In any combination

**Reading and Math Essential Skills can be met by minimum scores on the following test options: OAKS, ACT, PLAN, Work Keys, Compass, ASSET, SAT or PSAT. Essential Skill requirements may also be met using work samples scored with the official state scoring guides.

Colleges and universities may have specific admissions requirements.  It is your responsibility to check college entrance requirements

Oregon University System Colleges and Accredited Community Colleges Formula:

A 3 or 4 college credit class = .5 high school credit

A 5 or 6 college credit class = 1.0 high school credit

Valedictorian – Students must earn a University Diploma to be eligible for Valedictorian beginning in 2014.

Honor Core –students wanting to qualify for Honor Core must meet the following criteria:  3.5 cumulative GPA, have completed 4 credits each of Math, Language Arts and Science.  The graduating class of 2013 is the last class to receive the

Honor Core recognition.  The University Diploma is being phased in to replace this.

Top 10% –is figured by students accumulating points for every grade earned from 9th grade through the first semester of their 12 grade year.  A’s earn 4 points, B’s earn 3 points, C’s earn 2 points, and D’s earn 1 point.  A student will get an extra point for every honors, college and advanced class they pass through the first semester of their senior year.  The total of all of these points is then divided by the total number of classes completed.

Early Graduates: Any student intending on graduating a year early must complete the Early Graduation Request Form which may be obtained from the Counseling Center.  This form must be submitted and early graduation approved no later than October 1.  This process must be followed for participation in Graduation and senior events.

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