CCSD Schools On-Line Option

(Version en Español)

Welcome to Crook County Schools On-Line Option – Your gateway to a world of exceptional learning at your pace and on your schedule.

Below you will find more information about the program and a link to register your student(s).

* Full-time Online option may be combined with part-time school and home school
* No Cost: All online courses, materials, and tools are entirely free of charge
* Accredited classes taught by source matters experts
* Flexibility to work at your pace and your own schedule
* Access to Crook County schools’ athletics, activities, special education services, diplomas, and more
* Mastery-based learning option for accelerated learners
* Intuitive, visual online parent tools for K-8
* Local support based in Prineville
* Award winning curriculum provided by Fuel Ed

To enroll your student please register here.

For assistance please contact us:

Phone: (541) 416-4235
Natalie Eberhard at
Grace Deboodt at