Scholarship by Due Date


Scholarship Name



Ochoco Scholarship  September  4th Friday
Beat the Odds Scholarship  September  11th
Mattress Help Scholarship  September 25th of every year
Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship  October  15th
Hagan Scholarship  November  15th
Elks Scholarship  November  15th
Pride Foundation (LGBTQ)  January 12th
Soroptimist Club of Prineville (Fay Bentley Memorial Scholarship)  January  15th
Soroptimist Club of Prineville Professional-Technical Award Scholarship  January  15th
Soroptimist Club of Prineville Scholarship  January  15th
Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber Scholarship  January  31st.
Oregon Wheat Foundation Scholarship  February  1st
Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship  February  5th
Bezos Scholars Program  February  9th
OSU Future Business Leaders Scholarship  February  15th
Bend Surgery Center Foundation Scholarship  February  22nd
Albert lee Wright, Jr. Memorial Migrant Scholarship  February  23rd
Captain Kevin Kyle Mosley Private Pilot Scholarship  February  28th
Thomas E. “Tom” Pitzer Aviation Maintenance Scholarship  February  Last business  day
Association of Computer Professionals in Education (ACPE) Scholarship  March  1st
Oregon Collectors Association Hasson/Newman Memorial Scholarship  March  1st
PEO Scholarship  March  1st
ALA Children of Warriors Scholarship  March  1st
COCC Merit Scholarship  March  1st
PNACAC Student Scholarship  March  1st
OSAC Scholarships Early Bird Deadline February 15th/ Final Deadline March 1st.
Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship  March  5th
OSFMA-Doug Lemley Memorial Scholarship  March  9th
Cascades East AHEC  Deadlines Coming Soon
Graduating Class of 1968  March  Last Friday
Teachers Education Scholarship  March  30th
Perrin Renewal Scholarship April  1st
Carol J Bryant Deadlines Coming Soon
Deschutes Pioneers’ Association Scholarship This scholarship will not be offered in 2018. Please check back  in 2019.
Perrin Scholarship  April  1st
Associated Oregon Loggers  April  1st
MOCA Medical Field Scholarship Due Date Coming Soon
Oregon Community Quarterback Scholarship  April  2nd.
BBT Architects Scholarship  Deadline Information Coming Mid-January
Bigfoot Beverages “Big” Scholarship Deadlines Coming in January
Central Oregon Hay Growers Association  April  7th
Oasbo Promising Future  April  13th
Sister Adele Scholarship  April  13th
Charles and Hazel Cline Memorial Scholarship Deadlines Coming in January
Prineville Soroptimist Founders Award  April  15th
Oregon Grand Chapter of Eastern Star Scholarships  April  15th
Oregon Jaycee Foundation Scholarship  April  18th
Crook County Foundation Common Application Deadlines Coming Soon
Ward Rhoden Athletic Scholarship  April  4th Friday
Anderson Perry & Associates Engineering Scholarship Application and Deadline coming in January
Change name to Crook County 4-H Scholarship Opportunities  April  23rd
Pointe Pest Control Scholarship  April  29th
American Legion Auxiliary  April  Last Friday
Cowboy/Cowgirl Booster Club  April  Last Friday
Fraternal Order of Eagles  April  Last Friday
Kiwanis Club  April  Last Friday
Rotary Scholarship Collegiate  April  Last Friday
Rotary Scholarship HS Grad.  April  Last Friday
Cowboy Mat Club   May  1st
Ochoco Trout Unlimited   May  1st
St. Charles Prineville Medical Staff Scholarship   May  4th
Greg Merritt Community Scholarship   May  1st Friday
Prineville Music & Theater Booster Scholarship   May  1st Friday
Prineville Music & Theater Booster Scholarship-Marv Cochran   May  1st Friday
Paulina Rodeo   May  1st Friday
Roy Hale Scholarship   May  1st Friday
Prineville Golf and Country Club   May  2nd Friday
Honor Society (CCMS)   May  2nd Friday
Pro-Line Fabrication Scholarship   Deadlines Coming Soon
Masonic Scholarship   May  3rd Friday
Scottish Rite Scholarship   May  15th
Crook County Education Association   May  18th
CCHS National Honor Society   May  19th
OAB Scholarship   May  29th
ZipRecruiter Scholarship   June  30th
Ochoco Chapter-Oregon Hunters Association Scholarship   July 15th
State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship  Due: TBD
Oregon Promise Application  Due: Depends on h.s. graduation date.