Chloe Arnold First Student Recognized on “Hard Work Wednesday”.


Chloe Arnold

Congratulations to Chloe Arnold for being our first student recognized on “Hard Work Wednesday” by Mr. Williams!
“I nominated Chloe Arnold because she has shown tremendous growth over the last year and a half. When she came into my Geometry class last year as a freshman she brought a defeatist attitude into math class, “This is hard and I can’t do it”. Fast forward to now, as a sophomore in Algebra 2 she excels and has said, “I can do this even when its hard.” She is a great role model for math learners that aren’t confident in their abilities at first. She regularly finds success in class and is always engaged. I hope others can learn from her example and be more optimistic math learners.”  We are proud of you! Keep up the great work!  We will share stories similar to Chloe’s every Monday and Wednesday!