CCHS ASB Leadership Program…



Crook County High School is proud to recognize juniors, Monica Lopez and Matney Searcy. Both Monica and Matney are active members of CCHS ASB Leadership program, providing excellent leadership and service to their fellow students. These young ladies were recently selected for a trip to Washington DC with the Community Prevention Committee where they attended the Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America (CADCA) conference. While at the conference, they were able to speak with State Representatives and focus on tobacco, alcohol and drug prevention in Crook County. Since their return, the girls have started an Instagram account that anyone in the community can follow – CC_STAT. The page focuses on tobacco statistics and prevention for our community.

Monica and Matney have been instrumental in coordinating many community service activities within the high school. In the past three years, they have helped provide Christmas for 75+ children, created Thanksgiving food baskets for 70 Prineville families and organized blood drives that have generated nearly 400 units of blood. These two young women juggle, sports, part time jobs, leadership activities, and family, while maintaining 3.5+ GPA.

We at CCHS are proud of these ladies and the work they do for their school and community.